Prisms do more than refract light, they split light down into vivid colours and deliver a new way of seeing. In marketing, many people see simply the one colour, but at the PRIZM Group, the young and energetic team of marketing professionals see all the colours of the rainbow.

PRIZM Group is a team of digital marketing, e-commerce and IT professionals able to deliver best of breed insights to clients and help them drive fresh engagement with their customers.

We understand that IT is no longer a separate execution tool, it is now part of the ecosystem’s DNA. Within this ecosystem, marketing takes place alongside e-commerce and the environment of mobile and rapid payments technology. PRIZM Group is uniquely placed to deliver in all of these areas, and integrate them in a combined solution for the client.

A successful e-commerce operation comprises many moving parts which need to function together smoothly. From creating an effective online store through to back office operation and maintenance with social media marketing, logistics, warehousing and fulfillment, PRIZM Group can assist clients to tailor-make the effective e-commerce operation platform, with rigorous strategy formulation and top-end design. All these could deliver the optimal customer experience the end-to-end process, which is guaranteed to be as smooth and hassle-free as possible.
Prizm Group
PRIZM Group’s interview on
Marketing magazine
Hong Kong
PRIZM is named Fast Growing
Agency of the Year at
Marketing magazine Hong Kong
AOTY 2015.
PRIZM’s interview on
Bloomberg Businessweek
Hong Kong
PRIZM is wonderful! We are tremendously pleased with the partnership and the results achieved. The team is awesome and full of creativity and passion.
We were thrilled when PRIZM’s tailor-made digital and social marketing campaign resulted in a positive feedback. That was beyond our expectations in terms of the sales result, brand awareness and the number of customers with which we accomplished our goal. Our experience with PRIZM was a joy! They were able to overcome the challenges of a project and deliver the results more and better than what we expected.
Heartfelt thanks to PRIZM for their comprehensive online & offline marketing programme.
Prizm’s marketing team is always staying afresh on advertising ideas and the latest technologies which allows us expand our online landscape.
Very experienced on digital marketing, responsive action and good customer relationship.
Fresh Hong Kong (LVMH group)
For Groupon, it is always a great pleasure partnering with PRIZM. The team is professional and fully responsible, proactively providing timely support with strategic advice.
What we found in PRIZM are their strong sense knowledge and experience in digital media, as well as the fast reaction to deliver professional service with passionate heart.
Over the past few years, we have worked closely with PRIZM to promote L'OCCITANE’s products and services in a creative way. Through these projects, PRIZM has proved to be extremely dependable and capable on the digital integration part.
We worked with PRIZM on mini-site development and social media engagement campaigns. Their swift response and good client service are highly recommended. We will continue to work with them for our future needs and not hesitate in recommending them to others!
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