Digital marketing strategy planning
Going viral is not a matter of luck, “virality” is the result of good planning and understanding consumer preferences and demographics. Through rigorous collection, storage and analysis of big data, PRIZM hones in on the information required to activate an effective marketing plan.
If cash is king so is content, and content is a key to driving cash.
Social media engagement
Social media for PRIZM is like water for fish. Social media today is so ubiquitous that a voice can be drowned out and remain unheard. PRIZM guides clients through the maze of social media platforms to begin conversations which turn into conversions. By understanding your pressing need and the mass audience’s preferences, PRIZM is able to design webpages for your brand that are engaging, captivating and valuable, and where conversion takes place.
Why settle for “yes” when you can go for a “WOW?”
Warehousing and fulfillment with End-to-end Delivery
Beam Online understands that fulfillment is a critical to the customer experience. If there are issues and glitches in fulfillment, consumers share that information and reputations can be hurt. Beam Online is the e-commerce specialist for Greater China, and the logistics operation in China is part of our last mile service. From our warehouse in Dongguan, Beam Online can guarantee effective and end-to-end delivery which gets products into the hands of consumers rapidly and efficiently.
Yes, we are THE one-stop service provider to manage all these critical touchpoints.
Data Analytics and Insights
Social media platforms are generating more and more data, but this needs to be analysed to be usable. The effective use of data is critical in understanding your market and your customers.  By creating robust systems for collecting, storing and analysing big data, Prizm keeps track of information with marketing significance.
Don’t let your social media be
“So-So” media
e-Commerce channel management
In today’s digital era, managing an online store is just as complex as running a brick and mortar business. Fancy graphics or gimmicks help to capture attention, but they don’t guarantee good UX – or User Experience. When it comes to e-Commerce/ e-selling, the numbers and strategies are what matter in enhancing the user experience and ultimately boost sales. From the navigation of the website to the logistics of inventory control, every detail counts. Beam Online takes care of all of this for you.
Where theory
meets practice.
Online and mobile payment gateway management
Does your business model take purchases over the phone? Do you email invoices to your customers for payment collection? What you need is what we call Virtual Terminal. With Virtual Terminal, you can send a customized payment page link with a customer’s name and purchase amount in a few clicks. A robust, user-friendly, elegant and responsive (YES! It works on mobile devices) formed based payment form is available for simple single click payments with no extra coding work required.  Whether your subscription business model receives monthly or weekly payment, we have specifically built a payment API to take care of automatic recurring billing.
Just leave these to us!
Technology development (for both payment & marketing industry)
We understand that when running either an online or offline business, you do not want to employ your own team of engineers. That’s why we provide the technology solutions to answer your needs as your outsourcing or contracting partner.
Do you wanna apply key technology innovations to your business?
Offline digital experiences integration
Customers buy products via an e-commerce marketplace, but can collect in-store at a time convenient to them. Quick, easy, and seamless, the O2O integration gives shoppers more freedom, while allowing retailers to utilise both elements of their offering. PRIZM Group can offer clients a comprehensive but simple O2O shopping and instant payment solution.