Our Values.
By bringing you new marketing vision and perspective, Prizm transcends your average lens. Rather than simply refracting a light beam, we are able to break it down and display a spectrum of vivid colours. Believing that digital market is not simply migrating printed work onto an digital platform, we strive to break through conventional boundaries and we aim to design highly profitable campaigns for our clients. We believe that technology should not play a mere role as an execution tool. Instead, it should be skilfully integrated into the marketing plan.
The Digital Trinity.
Activation Campaign
Engineering enthralling campaigns to increase brand exposure based on a data driven methodology that predicts what the audience wants before they even know
Digital Payment
Closing the loop with secure payment and tracking individuals across channels to accurately re-target audience for future campaigns
Analytics & CRM
Connecting the brands distinctive strengths with customer intelligence and digital footprints to formulate strategic maneuverers to retain loyalty
We believe being digital is more than translating content from print to new media, rather it is a mindset transformation of how different components should be interconnected with digital innovations. Marring creativity and technology, only marketing campaign with a holistic digital approach capture and engage audience.
We all know data is the fuel for analytics, and often that is all what we have. It is the effort of data scientists & analytics tools that allow us to pull insights and actionable strategies from the the data oceans of un-modelled data. We strive to personalise and refine customer experience as insight driven marketing shall prevail over intuition.
Digital payment has been around for decades, often regarded merely as a tool for collecting monies, it actually plays a greater role in the customer journey. Particularly for e-commerce, not only it affects the rate of conversion, payment data collected thru with process of tokenisation provides immense values for understanding one's customer journey in the current omni-channel environment.
" Dont't worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition. "
—— Abraham Lincoln

Marketing Magazine

Agency of the Year Awards, 2019

Best Client-Agency Collaboration
B2C Agency Of The Year
Content Marketing Agency Of The Year
CRM & Loyalty Agency Of The Year
E-commerce Agency Of The Year
Production Agency Of The Year
Social Media Agency Of The Year

Marketing Magazine

Asia E-Commerce Awards, 2019

Best E-Commerce - F&B
Best E-Commerce - Lifestyle & Entertainment

Marketing Magazine

MARkies Awards, 2019

Best Idea – Apps
Best Idea – Social Corporate Responsibility

International Business Award

Steivies Awards, 2019

Advertising or Design Agency of the Year- Silver
Viral Marketing Campaign of the Year- Bronze
Communications or PR Campaign of the Year - Social Media Focused- Bronze
Communications or PR Campaign of the Year - Corporate Responsibility- Silver
Branded Content Campaign of the Year- Bronze
Company of the Year - Advertising, Marketing, & Public Relations - Medium-size- Bronze

Marketing Magazine

Agency of the Year Awards, 2017

Fast Growing Agency of The Year
Social Media Agency of The Year

International Business Award

Steivies Awards - Silver, 2018

Coummunications or PR Campaign of the Year
Online Marketing Campaign of the Year
Marketing Campaign of the Year - Internet / Telecom
Marketing Campaign of the Year - Internet / Telecom

Marketing Magazine

MARkies Awards, 2018

F&B e-coupon selling platform – Sino Hotels
Best Idea – Customer Acquisition

International Business Award

Stevies awards - Bronze, 2018

Branded Content Campaign of the Year
Viral Marketing Campaign of the Year

Marketing Magazine

Asia E-Commerce Awards, 2018

Best E-Commerce Merchant – Consumer Goods – Haagen Dazs
Client Partners.
With over 150 global clients, Prizm Group has built a substantial track record of delivering effective solutions for our beloved clients to excel in the digital world.
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