Ultimate Guide to Producing Successful XiaoHongShu Content

Jun 6, 2024

Ultimate Guide to Producing Successful XiaoHongShu Content

Understanding Content Type on XiaoHongShu

In XiaoHongShu, you'll find three main types of content: static images, carousel photos, and short-form vertical videos. Picking the right content type is key — as it depends on your niche and what your audience likes.


For instance, in fashion, static images and carousel photos are great, while in travel, short-form vertical videos showing destinations work best.


Your first impression counts more than you think. Users decide if they want to engage with your post based on the cover photo and title, so make sure they’re eye-catching. Choosing the right content type is important for boosting your brand and, importantly, driving conversions.


How Does XiaoHongShu Reward Great Content (Algorithm)

Understanding what content will work well on Xiaohongshu requires grasping its algorithm. XiaoHongShu uses a personalized recommendation system, analyzing keywords in each note and matching them with user account tags. This tailored system makes sure content suggestions match users' search habits, aiming to deliver relevant content to the right audience.


As a result, effectively leveraging search keywords and trending terms is crucial to identifying core keywords and making your content more relevant. This strategy helps attract increased search traffic and expands the exposure of our notes to a broader yet targeted audience.

Additionally, Xiaohongshu also evaluates initial engagement with a select audience before widening its reach. This assessment phase looks at key interaction metrics like click-through rates, comments, likes, bookmarks, and shares to decide if notes should reach a larger audience. Therefore, brands must align content direction and format with user preferences to stimulate engagement!


Tips on How to Create Successful XiaoHongShu Content

Emulate User-Generated Content

On XiaoHongShu, users prefer posts and shares from fellow users, looking for relatable and community-driven content. This means overtly promotional or sales-focused posts often don't resonate well.


To truly connect with users, it's better to focus on creating trustworthy, informative, and engaging content rather than promotion-heavy marketing material.


By sharing valuable insights, encouraging comments, and fostering meaningful interactions, brands can build a loyal following and gain credibility within the XiaoHongShu community.


The example of Perfect Diary (image below) illustrates the difference in interaction and engagement between user-generated content and official marketing content, highlighting the audience's preference for user-driven content on XiaoHongShu.

Image showing the difference between branded and user-generated content on XiaoHongShu


Take Note of What Users are Saying

When creating content on XiaoHongShu, it's important to listen to user feedback and keep up with trends. By understanding what users are discussing and how their thoughts are changing, you gain valuable insights into their preferences. Using these insights can boost engagement.


Checking comments on your own posts, reading notes from bloggers, or even looking at competitor content can give you an idea of what users want. This helps you tailor your content effectively.


Integrating feedback and insights from these interactions can lead to improvements in your posts.


Adapting your content based on user input strengthens connections and enhances engagement within the XiaoHongShu community.


Ensure Posts Are Engaging & Sharable for Success

When a post on Little Red Book gets way more likes and comments than expected based on the number of followers, it's called a ‘viral post’ (爆文). A 'viral post' symbolizes high-quality content that spreads across the platform, significantly enhancing an account's visibility. Since user engagement directly impacts post reach, ensuring your content is highly engaging is crucial to encourage clicks, reads, comments, saves, and shares.


Integration of Text and Images

Combining text and images is the most popular format on Little Red Book, surpassing video notes in audience reach.


It's also familiar to users and has a distinct style for viral posts. Text and image content lets users easily find information at a glance.


However, for brands selling products needing more detail, like beauty items or travel experiences, video content can enhance user experience and immersion. Brands should consider their products/services to decide the best content strategy.


Creating Content of Quality and Relevance to the Target Audience

Making content that truly resonates with your audience is crucial. No matter how visually appealing it is, what really matters is the substance.


If your content lacks quality, it'll impact how much people engage with it and your growth in followers. So, focus on creating content tailored to your brand's niche and what your audience cares about.


Also, make sure your content is easy to digest. With people's short attention spans online (8 seconds on average), you need to convey your message clearly and quickly.


Using formats like bullet points and infographics on XiaoHongShu can effectively capture attention. And in videos, grabbing viewers' interest right from the start is essential.

To get more information on creating high-quality note content, check out our article talking about increasing XiaoHongShu followers to learn more.


Research Your Topics, Keywords & Hashtags

On XiaoHongShu, users lean towards "searching" rather than mere "browsing." Browsing hints at a relaxed exploration for entertainment, much like on platforms such as Douyin and Bilibili. In contrast, "searching" on XiaoHongShu denotes a deliberate intent, where users enter the platform with specific needs in mind.


Users of XiaoHongShu tend to have a clear idea of what they are looking for. These user behaviors highlight the importance of optimizing your note content through thorough research on relevant and popular topics, keywords, and hashtags.


You can get really helpful insights by using both official tools and third-party platforms wisely. This helps them understand what's trending, the popular hashtags, and keywords.


You can then easily include these relevant keywords in their content, pick the right hashtags for users to find them more easily, and create precise content strategies to increase traffic and conversions over time.


On the official XiaoHongShu platform, you can try keyword planning tools to extensively mine keywords in batches. Based on industry categories, note content, and even with the function of word association (以詞推詞), the system can suggest relevant and high-click-rate keywords. The platform also displays the search index popularity of various keywords.

Third-party platforms like Xinhong (新紅) and Qian Gua Data (千瓜數據) can enhance the official data analysis tool by integrating their algorithms with existing data. This allows for a more comprehensive monitoring of trending topics and articles, search keyword rankings, popular brands, and influencer standings.


Optimize Your Cover Image & Title

Creating resonance through captivating titles and visually appealing cover images is crucial for engaging users. The first image in your notes becomes the cover image when you publish. Users browsing Xiaohongshu immediately notice these visual elements, so the cover image and title play a big role in whether they click through.


Since the click-through rate is the basis for various interactions like likes, comments, and saves, it's important to focus on making visually attractive cover images and compelling titles.


To make cover images more appealing, try refining your photography/editing skills and exploring unique shooting methods that suit your brand and product. Engaging titles can use question structures, rhetorical strategies, or exciting language to attract users, while also including relevant keywords and staying true to your brand's style.


Also, make sure both the title and image match the main message of your content to avoid a disconnect between the cover and the actual content.


Including a Call-to-Action (CTA) in the Notes

As mentioned earlier, Xiaohongshu’s algorithm prioritizes content that actively engages users through metrics like likes, comments, and shares. Incorporating call-to-action text and fostering discussion in your notes can be good strategies to boost engagement and visibility on your content and profile.


For brands running promotional campaigns on Xiaohongshu, attracting user action can be achieved by crafting catchy covers and titles like "Check my Collection for Rewards (查看收藏獲福利)" or "DM to receive tutorials (私信領取教程)". This approach is direct and effective at engaging users.


Additionally, you can prompt users to take action at the end of their content. Whether through written notes or videos, gently suggesting actions like "Feel free to ask questions in the comments" instead of using direct phrases like "Please follow me" can guide user engagement. 


Including elements like questions, surveys, or deeper discussions in the content can further encourage participation in the comment section and increase engagement.


Make Sure Your Descriptions are Detailed and Informative

Descriptions are a great place to include your Call-To-Action (CTA) or conversion link, making it easy for users to take the actions you want. Because external links aren't allowed on the platform, any transactions need to take place within the XiaoHongShu store.


Also, descriptions are where you can strategically add hashtags and keywords to increase visibility and reach. They're important for giving context and extra insights about the post, especially when images might not tell the whole story.


This all-around approach not only boosts engagement but also helps build stronger connections with your audience by telling the full story behind your content!


Best Time to Post on XiaoHongShu?

In general, the best times to post on XiaoHongShu are between 8 am to 10 am, 12 pm to 2 pm, and 6 pm to 8 pm. However, the right timing will depend on your niche and audience demographic.


According to the 2023 Nielsen IQ Consumer Research, user activity on XiaoHongShu changes throughout the day and night. The busiest times are from 9 am to 3 pm and from 5 pm to 9 pm. 


By understanding these patterns, you can share content strategically during key moments like commute times, lunch breaks, and after-work hours.


More active users mean better visibility and interaction potential for your posts. So, sticking to a consistent posting schedule at these optimal times is crucial for boosting exposure and engagement.


However, it's also a good idea to experiment with posting times to find the most effective hours for engaging their target audience. This is important because different niches and sub-niches have their own peak engagement periods.


By taking a deeper look at data and your audience, you can establish a regular posting routine that keeps their followers interested, ensuring their content continues to appear in their feeds.


What Should be Ideal Engagement Rate be for XiaoHongShu?

To understand the ideal engagement rate, let’s first talk about how to calculate it. The calculation formula for the engagement rate (VOL) on Xiaohongshu is as follows:


Engagement Rate (VOL) = (Engagement Rate / Reading Volume) x 100%


Typically, a Xiaohongshu account is considered to have a good engagement rate when it falls between 5-8%. However,  the perfect engagement rate depends on the industry. Here are the ideal engagement rates on XiaoHongShu for different industries and niches:

  • Beauty Industry: Above 6.4%
  • Media and Content: Above 9%
  • Fashion Sector: Above 6.5%
  • Education and Training Sector: Above 2.9%
  • Medical and Health: Above 5.3%


It's a good idea for brands to keep an eye on how the average engagement rate in their industry is changing. They should also regularly assess their account's performance to see how effective it is.


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