Recent Work.

What our team devoted to day in and day out.

KOL/KOC Promotion on XiaoHongShu
Meta Support Hong Kong Business
八達通 x gaugaugau: 你doo咗啲乜嘢呀?
CityUHK XiaoHongShu Account Set-up & Management
積金局之職場meme Instagram Community Building
恒隆數學獎 To Infinity 無限可能
Apta剖腹產神隊友速成班 Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition (Hong Kong)
Cow and Gate Club Development Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition (Hong Kong)
齊來捉福 Mira Place CNY Year Of The Rabbit Campaign
圖書館大事典 之 回憶再發現
風的形狀 –  Song Of Answer IG Story Q&A Campaign
東亞銀行同你「型」接聖誕 Xmas AR Filter
「讓愛不再靜音」 Valentines’ Day Voice Recording Campaign
風的形狀 Yoyo Sham x Canon HK Shoot with the Wind Campaign
風的形狀 Come What May IG Filter Campaign
勿念 Letter Instagram Filter Campaign
Yoyo x Sellwords x INK HOUSE #Yoyo執筆小習作
Yoyo x Eslite #Yoyo畫門小習作
理財有「賞」法大挑戰 University Street Challenge
My Shade of Coquelico AR Campaign
CRM and Customer Journey Automation SAP Marketing Cloud and Prizm CRM solution
無常家Born in 00.00.00 IG Filter
NTP E-voucher Online Shop
香港公共圖書館 IG Story Filter
喜閱・飛越 - ~睇書with Serrini*
愛你問你 問君知否
NARS Facebook Chatbot x Payment
CRM Programme
Facebook Page Content Creation
Smart Buy Weeks 2021
Cook for Mum AR Camera
E-Commerce & CRM Integration
Your Retirement Planner Sunny
HK Expressmas featuring Galaman
Emoji 開心拍 照相區
We're 25th - Just a thought!
Facial Recognition Check-In
Hang Lung Young Architect Programme
超級英雄都係Slashie — 繼承者現身
淘寶家年華 - 波Dee廚房
《一場試鏡The Casting》微電影
Flip Bottle Challenge / Flip 水大翻身
Simply The Best - Influencer Engagement
The Invisible Heroes 機場神奇俠
Regional Social Channel Management
Facebook & Instagram Retainer
Social Media Content Marketing
Social Driving Leads / Enquiries
A Type of Traveller
The Finger Olympic Games 手指運動會
Content Creation & Photoshoot
CRM / Social / Whatsapp Binding
E-voucher Management Portal
RSVP with Digital Payments
VIP Day E-commerce Solution
Toyota's Legend - Supra Pre-ordering System
Chatbot Campaign - 愛回家系列
Golden Series Commerce Bot
Chatbot Redemption Campaign
Whatsapp Business Account
Halloween Styloween Campaign
Specially designed Red pockets (Lai see)
Project LOL - 微笑全捕捉
Capture the Wishing Star AR Campaign
鴻運好籤 Virtual Fortune Stick Kiosk
Expedia 大「禮」堂
Instagram Photo Booth