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八達通 x gaugaugau: 你doo咗啲乜嘢呀?
Meta Support Hong Kong Business
積金局之職場meme Instagram Community Building
恒隆數學獎 To Infinity 無限可能
圖書館大事典 之 回憶再發現
風的形狀 –  Song Of Answer IG Story Q&A Campaign
東亞銀行同你「型」接聖誕 Xmas AR Filter
「讓愛不再靜音」 Valentines’ Day Voice Recording Campaign
風的形狀 Yoyo Sham x Canon HK Shoot with the Wind Campaign
風的形狀 Come What May IG Filter Campaign
勿念 Letter Instagram Filter Campaign
Yoyo x Sellwords x INK HOUSE #Yoyo執筆小習作
Yoyo x Eslite #Yoyo畫門小習作
理財有「賞」法大挑戰 University Street Challenge
My Shade of Coquelico AR Campaign
無常家Born in 00.00.00 IG Filter
香港公共圖書館 IG Story Filter
喜閱・飛越 - ~睇書with Serrini*
愛你問你 問君知否
Facebook Page Content Creation
Cook for Mum AR Camera
HK Expressmas featuring Galaman
Hang Lung Young Architect Programme
超級英雄都係Slashie — 繼承者現身
淘寶家年華 - 波Dee廚房
《一場試鏡The Casting》微電影
Simply The Best - Influencer Engagement
The Invisible Heroes 機場神奇俠
Regional Social Channel Management
Facebook & Instagram Retainer
Social Media Content Marketing
Social Driving Leads / Enquiries
A Type of Traveller
The Finger Olympic Games 手指運動會
Content Creation & Photoshoot
Project LOL - 微笑全捕捉