Hawaii Duan, Corina Hong

Wendy Peng, Lucas Lu

The Challenge

Having originated in Japan with a rich history, POLA, a luxurious beauty brand, aims to increase sales at its Hong Kong offline stores while attracting mainland tourists to become acquainted with their brand, visit stores in person, and make purchases. However, POLA currently lacks an official account on XHS and does not have a strategic plan for social media promotion.


In response to this, Prizm has kickstarted a series of KOL/KOC campaigns to enhance brand exposure and engagement.


The Objective

  • Elevate brand image and enhance awareness among mainland users on XiaoHongShu.
  • Channel social media engagement towards offline stores to increase foot traffic, enticing mainland tourists to visit and make purchases at POLA.
  • Showcase and promote the launch of new stores and products in Hong Kong and Macau.


The Solution

Aligning with the launch of new products, POLA curated an exclusive experiential event at its brick-and-mortar store in collaboration with XHS KOLs/KOCs before the May Day holiday.


Influential personalities were discerningly handpicked through Xiaohongshu's official influencer platform (蒲公英) to engage firsthand with the brand's product line, subsequently crafting captivating posts that spotlighted their immersive store experiences with POLA's premium offerings.


This strategic endeavor not only focused on showcasing POLA's flagship products but also entailed rolling out special promotions to enchant mainland Chinese consumers, enticing them to partake in exploring and acquiring POLA items at HK/Macau stores during the festive holiday period.



The Sparkling Spots

1. Strategic Influencer Curation

  • Despite budget constraints, a meticulous approach was taken to handpick and recommend KOLs and KOCs who predominantly specialize in beauty and fashion content, aligning seamlessly with POLA's brand aesthetics.
  • The chosen KOC/KOL possess a well-defined target audience that resonates with the brand's ethos. Primarily hailing from mainland China but residing in HK/Macau, they boast a significant fan base situated within the Greater Bay Area.


2. Content Recommendations

  • Emphasis was placed on adopting a subtle, soft-selling narrative over overtly promotional messaging.
  • Employing hashtags such as #POLA & #POLA香港 facilitated increased search visibility and enabled precise measurement of brand engagement metrics for periodic strategic refinements.


3. Timely Advertising Tactics

  • Vigilant monitoring of post performance allowed for agile adjustments to advertising strategies based on original post metrics and current effectiveness, thereby optimizing campaign outcomes.
  • Our duties encompass the careful selection, seamless coordination, and adept negotiation with all involved parties, ensuring prompt adaptations to plans and schedules in response to evolving circumstances.



The Result

The impact of the POLA x KOL/KOC Campaign is truly remarkable, effectively enhancing brand recognition within the XHS platform.

  • Total impression: Over 150k
  • Total number of click:  Over 67k
  • Total engagement: Over 4k



Hawaii Duan, Corina Hong

Wendy Peng, Lucas Lu

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