Hawaii Duan, Corina Hong, Mandy Xuan

Phys Yang, Ray Lao, Kathy Feng, Kaya Wen

Lucas Lu

The Challenge

The City University of Hong Kong stands out as a distinguished local institution recognized for its robust academic programs across diverse disciplines. However, it encounters hurdles in earning recognition among students and parents in mainland China when juxtaposed with equally-ranked local universities.


Enhancing the university's reputation and brand awareness is crucial for boosting its brand image. Consequently, an active approach to social media management tailored to the Chinese audience is strongly advised.


The Objective

By leveraging social media management and content creation on Xiaohongshu, the predominant platform among young individuals in mainland China, CityUHK can strategically target audiences from China. This focused approach will enable the university to showcase its academic excellence, courses, and more, thereby enhancing brand awareness and influence within the Chinese market.


Moreover, this strategy will assist CityUHK in engaging with a wider student base, including prospective students, thereby attracting high-caliber resources to strengthen student recruitment efforts.


The Solution

Based on the characteristics of Xiaohongshu (XHS), we have strategically planned various content themes and diverse design styles aligned with CityUHK's image and objectives. This approach aims to attract our target audience, increase followers and engagement, and establish as well as maintain a positive reputation and brand awareness.


Content Creation:

  • Curating a wide array of content themes including campus updates, practical life advice, student/alumni anecdotes, giveaways, and interactive polls aimed at resonating with the daily experiences of our audience.
  • Employing visually captivating images, dynamic animations, and engaging videos to uphold the brand's identity while staying attuned to contemporary trends.
  • Focusing on amplifying the brand's youthful persona to foster increased interaction and connection with followers.

Brand Localization:

  • Tailoring content to emphasize CityUHK's programs, faculty, and opportunities that specifically appeal to Chinese students.
  • Adapting and localizing materials in terms of word choice, tone, and communication style to align with the preferences and cultural norms of mainland China, ensuring resonance with Chinese students.


The Sparkling Spots

1. Embrace Current  Hot Topics

Continuously monitor XHS trends, internet buzzwords, and popular activities to integrate the latest trends favored by contemporary youth into posts. For instance, incorporating challenges like screenshot challenges, swipe-to-reveal content, photo doodling, and interactive image comments.


2. Relevant Topics for Mainland China Audience

Craft content that intertwines trending topics in Mainland China, such as the 24 solar terms(二十四節氣) and trending festivals in China community(e.g. 520 Valentine's Day), with significant moments for students, like summer and winter breaks, the college entrance examination (高考), and the college application period (填報高考志願).


3. Enhancing Engagement with CityUHK's Audience

  • Publish content aimed at engaging with students, forging a closer connection between CityU and its audience.
  • Listen to student feedback, curate Q&A materials, and cultivate an interactive engagement loop.
  • Showcase exemplary student creations to broaden our impact within the student community.


4. The Launch of Cross-platform Campaigns

  • Interact with CityUHK's official accounts across various platforms in Mainland China, including WeChat and Weibo. Initiate calls-to-action and polls on XHS, WeChat, and Weibo, while supervising overall engagement by monitoring participant votes.
  • Offer exclusive access codes to Xiaohongshu users, enabling them to participate in CityUHK's campaigns on other platforms, such as the WeChat Red Packet campaign.
  • Proactively promote cross-platform collaborations to enrich mutual engagement levels and amplify visibility.


The Result

In the past year, there has been significant growth in the maturity of the XHS official account and a rise in follower count:

  • Follower Growth: +10,000 followers
  • Total Engagement: Over 17,700 interactions
  • Engagement per Individual Post: Achieving over 2,000 engagements



Hawaii Duan, Corina Hong, Mandy Xuan

Phys Yang, Ray Lao, Kathy Feng, Kaya Wen

Lucas Lu

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