We believes being digital is more than translating content from print to new media, rather it is a mindset transformation of how different components should be interconnected with digital innovations. Marring creativity and technology, only marketing campaign with a holistic digital approach capture and engage audience.
We all know data is the fuel for analytics, and often that is all what we have. It is the effort of data scientists & analytics tools that allow us to pull insights and actionable strategies from the the data oceans of un-modelled data. We strive to personalise and refine customer experience as insight driven marketing shall prevail over intuition.
Digital payment has been around for decades, often regarded merely as a tool for collecting monies, it actually plays a greater role in the customer journey. Particularly for e-commerce, not only it affects the rate of conversion, payment data collected thru with process of tokenisation provides immense values for understanding one's customer journey in the current omni-channel environment.